My name is Ludvig and I am the chair person for Göta studentkår IT-section. We represent all students at the IT-faculty and you can find our office in house Patricia, 4th floor.

At the IT-section we have many union associations and student groups who specialize in different areas. Wether it be partying or programming, we’ve got something for you! It is our ambition that it should be both fun and easy to participate in our activities and get involved in your education. Most of all, we want you to enjoy your time as a student with us! Read more about Göta studentkår and why student participation is important in the pdf below.

During the fLudvigirst weeks of the semester we employ the help of our student societies Systemsex and Kogsex to welcome you to Gothenburg University with a big Kick-Off period! I hope I’ll see you then!

Ludvig Lindblom
Chairperson for Göta studentkår IT-section.

Click or tap the schedule below to download a pdf with more information. The schedule is included in the pdf as well.





Facebook: Kick-Off 2017 group